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Why also a go2market online shop?

"I am excited about this product. Where can I buy it?" This is a question that we get asked very often by our members, but rarely have a concrete answer. We want to change that by selling selected products in our own go2market online shop. Only those products that have been rated above average by members in a go2market test beforehand.

This means that our online shop is not a conventional online shop either, but only offers products for which you can be sure that other people have already tried the products and rated them particularly well.

Some of the products can only be found in our go2market online shop and cannot be bought anywhere else.

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Good to know about the go2market online shop

  • Shopping in our new online shop is possible nationwide in Austria and Germany.
  • A go2market membership is NOT necessary for the go2market online shop. Everyone can shop here - as often and as much as you want.
  • If you have (been) a go2market member and thought "I'm excited about this product. Where can I buy it?" the online shop is now the answer.
  • Special about the go2market online shop is the range of products. We only offer products that have been rated above average by members in a go2market test.
  • Some of the products are not available anywhere else (e.g. foreign products). This gives you access to absolute novelties on the market and makes you a "first mover".
  • We certainly don't cover the entire range of a comparable online shop at the start, but we do offer a wide range.
  • Shipping is free of charge from € 70. 

Note: In order to offer a comprehensive assortment, other products will be temporarily available in addition to the above-average rated products during the launch phase of the online shop. For example, gift boxes.

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Differences go2market online shop and go2market digital

go2market Digital

go2market digital is our online market research supermarket. With it, we have transferred our market research concept from the stationary go2market store to the online world. Here you have to apply as a member, can then buy a subscription and shop in our online store until your shopping credit is used up. After that, you test and rate your purchased products voluntarily.

More about go2market digital!

go2market Online-Shop

The go2market online shop is not about market research, but about a real online shop that is accessible to everyone. You don't have to apply to become a member, but can simply go shopping and buy all the products that appeal to you. You will not receive any surveys about the products afterwards.

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