Our Online-Shop: go2market digital

The go2market research supermarket is not only available as stationary stores, but soon also as online shop!

One concept, two worlds 

You always wanted to become a go2market member, but you don't live near our stores? Maybe you have relatives, friends or people you know who have heard about go2market? They were enthusiastic about go2market, but couldn't apply to become a member themselves because the go2market store is not just around the corner from them?

That's over now, because we're bringing our go2market to the world of online shopping!

However, the basic idea of go2market does not change in our online shop. go2market digital is also not a conventional online supermarket, but a unique REAL-LIFE market research tool for the consumer goods industry, where your opinion matters!

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Frau sieht sich Produkte im Online-Shop an

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Things to know about go2market digital

go2market digital will be available from the end of 2022.

Shopping in our new online shop will be possible nationwide in Austria, Germany and as of Q1 2023 also in the Netherlands.

You can already apply for memberships by registering online.

A go2market digital membership is available for 3 or 6 months - for € 16.90 or € 14.90 per month.

You can apply for a membership in our stationary AND digital go2market, but you can only buy ONE active membership at a time.

The number of our members is also limited in the online shop.

At go2market digital you can only place an order once a month. Sustainability is very important to us. To keep delivery times as low as possible, we only send packages to a household once a month.

For logistical reasons, we will not be offering chilled or frozen products for now.

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Produkttester im go2market

I am already a member, what now?

You are already part of our community and are also interested in our new go2market digital? That makes us very happy! As soon as your current subscription expires, you will automatically be put back on our waiting list and can update your profile data. We will inform you as soon as a suitable membership is available for you again. Then you can choose for a membership at our online shop.