Frequently asked questions and answers about go2market!


In Austria there is currently only the option of credit card payment, in Germany PayPal and credit card.

There is only one total invoice for the entire subscription. The exact start date of the membership is also stated on the order confirmation and/or invoice. 


On opening days from the first to the last day of the month.

There is no limit to the number of visits. During opening hours, members can come as often as they like to use their personal shopping credit per month.

Yes, friends and family are of course welcome to accompany members when shopping. If it is a first visit for a non-member, please approach us briefly at the market.

How often are members allowed to shop in the online shop? 

In go2market digital you can place an order once a month from the end of 2022. Sustainability is very important to us. In order to keep transport distances as low as possible, we only send parcels to a household once a month.

In general, you must not compare us with a conventional supermarket and, for example, its prices. The manufacturer alone determines the selling price in go2market. Price tests are also part of our market research concept, so that the manufacturer finds out at which price it should best offer its product in the retail store.


The credit balance is displayed in the app from the start of your membership period. The start date of your membership can be found on the order confirmation and/or invoice.

You pay on average € 15 for a subscription. Your fixed shopping credit amount is € 55. Depending on how many surveys you answer, you will also receive bonus credit as a small thank you - between € 0.25 and € 3 per completed survey. This means that in total you can earn more than € 60 per month.

Shopping for more than € 55 is not possible. Unless you have increased your budget for the next month through surveys.

Yes, the € 55,- is a fixed shopping credit that you automatically receive each month. In addition, you can top up your credit for the following month by answering surveys. 

Shopping credit cannot be carried over to the following month. 

You receive bonus credit for each completed survey. You will receive your bonus credit in the following month. It will then appear on your customer account. The non-cash value is not paid out in cash! The increase in your credit depends on the size of the survey and is currently between € 0.25 and € 3 per survey.

Unfortunately, this is technically and organization wise not possible. However, we are happy if your participation in our surveys is not exclusively motivated by financial reasons.


No, free registration does not mean a valid membership. Your free registration puts you on our waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available, you become an active member!

Based on socio-demographic characteristics. The structure of our members in each country corresponds to the population aged 18 and over in terms of gender and age.

Regardless of when you register for the first time, all registrations have the same chances of becoming a member due to the selection according to socio-demographic criteria.

We will inform you by email. Free memberships are also visible in your personal go2market portal.

There is only a certain number of the respective subscription option. The reason is the composition of the panel, which should correspond to the cross-section of the socio-demographics at any given time. This means that it is possible that, for example, the 3-month subscriptions that fit your profile are unfortunately sold out at the moment.

You will find the exact start date of your membership on your order confirmation and/or on your invoice.

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the date of purchase. The withdrawal from the contract must be made in writing.

It can neither be upgraded nor extended. However, you can of course subscribe to a new membership. When your membership expires, you don't have to apply again, because you are automatically put on the waiting list for a new place. As soon as this becomes available for you, you can secure your new membership - just like last time.

After expiry of the membership, the shopping credit can unfortunately not be carried over to the following month.

Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Data processing is exclusively anonymised and at target group level. Of course, you will not receive any advertising from us!

You will be put on the waiting list again. As soon as possible memberships are available again, we will inform you. You can also check your personal profile at any time to see if memberships are available for you.

No, renewal is not possible. After your membership expires, you will be put back on the waiting list. We will inform you as soon as new memberships are available. After that, of course, you have the same chances as everyone else to acquire a new membership. You can also check your personal profile at any time to see if memberships are available for you.

No, our memberships do not have to be cancelled and expire automatically. You can subscribe for 3 or 6-month memberships for the stationary go2market store, and from the end of 2022 also for 3 or 6 month memberships for go2market digital.

We plan to launch go2market digital at the end of 2022.

Can I buy a membership for the stationary shop and for the online shop at the same time?

You can apply for both options free of charge when you register on our website. However, you can only buy one membership for our stationary store or, from the end of 2022, also for our online shop. After your subscription expires, you will be put on the waiting list again and can buy another subscription next time.


There are new products to discover every month! Existing items stay there until they are gone. Additional deliveries and deliveries within one month are possible.

There may be overlaps, but the assortment is not completely identical. In addition, for logistical reasons, we will not offer refrigerated and frozen goods in go2market digital for the time being.

No, because unfortunately we cannot predict whether planned deliveries will actually arrive on time or whether there will be delays in delivery. We are also dependent on third parties here.

On the one hand, this is because some companies test with us more often, with only minimal differences in the product (e.g. packaging). And on the other hand, because the test period runs until the respective product has been sold. For some products, this takes longer.

Since our members are constantly changing, new people always have the opportunity to buy and evaluate the product. So if you have been a go2market member for a long time and already know our world very well, please do not forget that there are many other testers besides you who are shopping at go2market for the first time.

We not only test product innovations, but also products that are already on the market. These manufacturers also have questions about how to improve their products and would like to hear from you what you think about them.

You may only purchase a product from us once per month. This is because we are a research supermarket and the evaluation must be valid in relation to the quantity of products used. You can buy products again in the following month, as long as they are still listed with us, if they tasted particularly good to you, for example. However, a rating is only possible once per member and product.

The limitations are part of our concept. The manufacturer wants to find out which variety is the most popular. That's why you're not allowed to buy all the varieties of some products.


Yes, there is a customer WLAN in the store. Please contact our staff for access.

You can delete your personal data directly in the member portal. Simply log in under https://go2.markets/my . There you will find a red button with the message "Delete profile in compliance with the GDPR".


This varies and depends on the product group. Approx. 2-5 days after purchase.

Please log in with your personal data, under "my account" you can then participate in your surveys. Each product will only be surveyed once - despite possible repurchase.

No, answering surveys is on a voluntary basis. But you should know that your opinion is important and that this is the core of our business model! By participating in surveys, you can also increase your monthly shopping credit and contribute with your personal opinion to shaping great products of tomorrow.

In addition to product tests, we also conduct studies. Therefore, it is possible that you will not only receive questions about a purchased product, but also about certain topics, such as breakfast. 

Our surveys are voluntary. For each completed survey, you currently receive bonus credits between € 0.25 and € 3. The amount always depends on the number of questions per survey. For technical reasons, we cannot give you the exact credit amount for each individual survey, but only this guideline. Your bonus credit for a month is automatically credited to you in the following month and is then visible in your app.

Do I have to complete all surveys in the same month in which I bought the products?

No. You can complete the surveys as long as the products are available at our store (plus 14 days afterwards). After that, we close the surveys and analyse the results.

When do surveys disappear from my portal (members login area)?

There are two ways to avoid outstanding surveys from appearing on the portal. 1. the survey is answered by the member. 2. the survey is closed by go2market because the product test has already ended.