10 reasons to become a go2market member

Join us and change the world of supermarket brands for the better with your opinion!

At go2market, your opinion matters! Because you help decide what will be on the shelves in the future!

But that's not all - an exclusive membership at go2market comes with many advantages. Here are our top 10 reasons why it's worth becoming part of our community.

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1. Exclusive membership

Our members represent the socio-demographic cross-section of the respective population. Therefore, the number of members is exclusive and limited.

2. Branded products

You will receive top branded products from us. No samples or rejects.

3. New products

Among other products, you get branded products that are not yet available in stores.


4. Invitations for product evaluations

You receive invitations to participate in product tests. Your participation is always voluntary and free of charge.


Your participation in surveys will be rewarded with an additional shopping credit as a thank you.

6. Your opinion matters

Your feedback reaches the manufacturers. In this way, products can be better adapted to the wishes of consumers in the future.

7. Complete transparency

Our memberships give you access to our stores and do not renew automatically.

8. Guaranteed no advertising

You do not receive any third-party advertising or other spam emails.

9. Data protection

All data is treated with strict confidentiality.

10. Anonymity

We guarantee complete anonymity.