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We are your voice to the manufacturers! With your go2market membership, you will receive not only well-known products but also new, revised or not yet commercially available products from the consumer goods industry.

As a go2market member, you can not only test great products, but also evaluate them and become an essential part for the manufacturers' decision makers with your feedback!

Discover a whole new variety of products with us. Become part of an exclusive community that is changing the world of brands in the supermarket for the better with its opinion! 

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How does go2market work?

To become a go2market member, you can easily register for free as a future product tester.
You will then automatically be put on the waiting list to purchase one of our limited memberships.

As a member of go2market, you receive a monthly credit of € 55 for a monthly subscription of around € 16, which you can spend at go2market. By answering the surveys, your monthly credit can be increased even higher.

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You decide who wins with your vote! The go2market products of the month result from the evaluation of our members according to the criteria: Satisfaction, theoretical repurchase, packaging and the resulting overall winner.

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