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 Das go2market-Team 

Who we are

You want to see products through the eyes of consumers? Then you've come to the right place - a young, innovative and fast-growing start-up where food retailing meets cutting-edge market research!

The go2market supermarket is not a conventional supermarket, but a unique REAL-LIFE market research tool. We work with real consumers in real shopping and consumption situations. We test products along their entire life cycle - from young start-ups to established brands, from product innovations and product variants to those that are already available in stores.

Advantage for the industry: Valuable consumer insights in real time to optimise their products!

Advantage for the consumer: The opportunity to test products and help shape the market through your feedback!

What we want to achieve 

Making the world a little bit better by bringing companies and consumers closer together and helping to avoid product flops on the market and thus wasting resources.

We are currently represented with stationary stores in Vienna and Cologne, and as of Q1 2023 also in the Netherlands. Other major European cities will follow, as will our new go2market digital. For this we need support!

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We are sorry, there are no job vacancies advertised at the moment. Please feel free to visit us again!

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