What is go2market?

Not a conventional, but a unique supermarket!

Produkte unter die Lupe genommen

Our basic idea

The go2market is not a conventional supermarket, but a unique
REAL-LIFE market research tool for the consumer goods industry.

We test products

From different companies - from young start-ups
to the already well-known brand.

Along their entire life cycle - from completely new products that do not yet exist on the market to products already on the market that need to be reviewed and, if necessary, revised.

Once or several times - depending on the question posed by the manufacturer.

We offer advantages to both sides

Consumers have the opportunity to test products and help shaping the market through their feedback.

Manufacturers get valuable feedback to optimise their new or existing products!

Shopper beim Einkauf

Exclusive panel as a basis

Our members (consumers) are an exclusive community. The structure of our members in each country corresponds to the population aged 18 and over in terms of gender and age. They are registered with all relevant parameters and are analyzed in the course of their shopping according to socio-demographics (age and gender), socio-economics (household size and education) and various relevant behavioural characteristics.

go2market members receive a shopping credit of € 55,- for a monthly fee of around € 15,- which they can spend at go2market. By answering the surveys, our members can even increase their credit.

The active membership panel includes:

·  up to 3,000/1,500 people in Germany (stationary/online)

·  up to 2,000/1,000 people in the Netherlands (stationary/online)

·  up to 1,500/750 people in Austria (stationary/online)

Memberships for the Netherlands are possible from Q1 2023 and for go2market digital from the end of 2022.
Registrations can already take place now.

What is special about go2market

Real (offline/online) shoppers are in a real (offline/online) purchasing situation. The purchased products are consumed or used in real everyday life, at usual times and occasions, and then voluntarily evaluated. The results for your product are available to you in real time. This provides you with valuable insights and quick feedback to perfectly adapt your products to the respective target groups and to increase the chances that they will be or remain successful on the market.

verschiedene Herausforderungen

Broad range of services for industry partners  

Perhaps you already have experience in the field of market research and know exactly what you need? But so far the right option or addition to your market research portfolio has been missing? Or do you not yet know exactly which questions and market research approaches would be interesting for you? Are you looking for someone who will support you from the very beginning?

In any case, go2market is the right place for you! We offer you insights into your product, your product innovations and product variants or your competition!

Our services      10 reasons to become an industry partner  


Standorte in Europa

Growing presence in Europe

Our go2market supermarket is currently available in Austria (Vienna) and Germany (Cologne).
In Q1 2023, we will launch a new store in the Netherlands (The Hague).

But that's not enough for us - more major European cities will follow!

Stationary stores and online shop

We have something for every taste. That's why our market research supermarket is not only available as a stationary store, but also as an online shop from the end of 2022.

More about go2market digital

Frau nutzt Smartphone zum Online-Shopping

Das go2market-Team

In the end we have one goal

Namely: Making the world a little bit better by bringing companies and consumers closer together and helping to avoid product flops on the market and thus wasting resources.

Would you also like to see your products through the eyes of consumers and find out which screws you should turn? Is it the taste, the packaging, the price or something completely different that you may not have thought of yet? Let's find out together!

Become an industry partner now!

You should also know this!

We are not 100% REAL-LIFE, but we offer you and your customers a real buying situation in a real store at real shelves at real prices.

We do not cover the entire range of a supermarket or consumer market, but we do have a broad assortment in which your product must succeed and we provide you with the important information to do so. 

We do not simulate a shelf situation with the complete range of a product category, but our shelves also contain established products, new products and product alternatives from very different product categories, so that the buyer has a wide choice. Again: your product has to assert itself in the controlled product environment.

We don't test in artificial lab situations or virtual environments, we test your product in a real store.

In our test supermarkets, there are not only new products. New products have to compete with established products - just like in a real supermarket or consumer market.

We do not have a rigid approach, but we offer the greatest individuality in terms of test design and research questions - proven modules, pre-formulated questions and the possibility of individual questions adapted to your needs. More flexibility is not possible.

Our data is up to date and available for you to view in real time. We enable agile research and research designs for you.

We do not do everything ourselves, because we concentrate on our core business -  what we do particularly well. But we use a network of well-known and proven cooperation partners, so that you can get (almost) everything from one source through us.

With us you can test, but not list. But we can provide you with good arguments for your listing negotiations. And we offer you listing support through one of our cooperation partners.

You want to deep-dive? We have developed numerous deep-dive concepts with our partners.