The go2market services for your market research

REAL-LIFE - understandable - cost-effective

You want to...

  • test your product close to the real purchase situation and the real usage situation?
  • know if your product sells and who buys it?
  • find out which distribution channel is ideal for your product?
  • learn more about the reasons for purchase, application and usage details (when, who, where, how)?
  • have the packaging assessed?
  • test variations in packaging, name, design?
  • test your product or product variants alone or in comparison with selected competitors?
  • test a completely new product, product variants of an existing product or a relaunch?
  • test your existing products regularly?
  • compare yourself with other products in the category or set up your own benchmark for your products over time - nationally or internationally?
  • know if your product prevails on the shelf and/or in an online purchase situation?
  • find out behavioural data, attitudinal data and, above all, motives and reasons for purchase?
  • investigate your very own, very specific question?

In any case:
The go2market services offer you exactly these possibilities and much more!

2 worlds and 2 paths to your success

Frau kauft im go2market Geschäft ein

Stationary go2market store

Test your products in our stores in Vienna, Cologne and from Q1 2023 also in The Hague!

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Frau kauft im go2market Online-Shop ein

go2market digital (online shop)

Test your products in our nationwide online shops from the end of 2022!

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Industriepartner erstellt sich seinen eigenen go2market Test


Choose the modules that suit you and get your insights!

go2market modules
Industriepartner wird vom go2market-Kompetenzteam beraten


Use our competence team and its expertise as support!

go2market competence team

Insights into your product, your product innovations and product variants or your competition

go2market modules

Choose your suitable market research from our standardised modules!

go2market modules

go2market customized

Define your individual market research based on individual questions!

go2market customized

go2market reverse

In addition to a standardised module, book the reverse offer to survey your non-buyers!

go2market reverse

go2market challenger

Compare your product with your competitor's products!

go2market challenger

Tests along the entire product life cycle

We test products along their entire product life cycle. You receive valuable insights and immediate feedback on your products/industries/competitors at low cost. This enables you to adapt your products perfectly to the target group or, if necessary, prevent them from failing on the market and subsequently save resources.

Darstellung Produktlebenszyklus

Test results in real time

You can access the insights of your market research in real time in your personal online portal, filter them and export them as Excel or PDF file (see exemplary illustration).

Exemplarische Darstellung der go2market Insights
Produktsampling bei der Bevölkerung

Sampling as a cost-effective product placement

Present your new products to go2market members (consumers) and increase your brand awareness.

go2market sampling

Participation in reports and studies

We pursue different approaches in our reports and studies. In each case, you benefit from comprehensive insights into products, target groups and key topics.

go2market studies