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From young start-ups to global players!!

 At go2market, we have many options for testing products and interviewing the target group. Always geared to the respective use case, we select the appropriate questions and the optimal test scenario individually with our industry partners. There are almost no limits to the use cases. Ultimately, however, it is always about one thing: seeing your own product through the eyes of the consumer!

A small excerpt of our partners

Logo Ehrmann
Logo Manner
Logo Neoh
Logo Hans Brainfood
Logo Beneto Foods
Logo Rawbite

Logo Hakuma
Logo completeorganics
Logo Nöm
Logo Mamas Falafelteig
Logo Raw Milk Company
Logo Pfanner

Concrete examples from the field

Would you like to know what product tests at go2market looked like with other companies, what questions were defined as a basis and what the results were in the end? We present you with selected practice examples.

Example: Mamas Falafelteig  

 Example: RAWBITE  

Example: Raw Milk