go2market product test: RAWBITE

Background to the company

The idea behind RAWBITE is simple and straightforward: a fruit and nut bar that is 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free and has no added sugar (contains sugar naturally). The first RAWBITE bar was created in 2009 on a kitchen table in Copenhagen, Denmark, by three Danish friends. RAWBITE now produces the bars in its own factory, located in Bagsværd, Greater Copenhagen, since 2021. The bars are already available in 30 countries. (Source: www.rawbite.com/eu)

What was the initial situation?
Why did a product test come about at go2market?

Together with our market research partner Bonsai, we were able to accompany the company RAWBITE over a longer period of time. RAWBITE were the first customers to try out the go2market module of the Bonsai Launch Pad - a toolbox that Bonsai uses to explore the opportunities of new launches and possible changes to established products.

Until now, the RAWBITE bars were offered under the claim "The Organic Fruit & Nut Bite". The RAWBITE team wanted to find out whether a different claim would be more sales-promoting. The goal of the go2market test was to answer the central question: Which of the two claim/packaging variants of the RAWBITE bars is better received by consumers?

Therefore, the test was divided into two phases. First, four varieties with the current claim "The Organic Fruit & Nut Bite" on the packaging were tested in go2market Cologne, followed a few months later by four varieties with the new claim "Pure Taste. Pure Joy.“

Why does the claim test make sense from a go2market perspective?

A claim should describe a product and fulfil its promise. It must succeed in drawing the consumer's attention to the product. There is no room for long sentences on packaging. It is therefore all the more important to catch the consumer's eye with a short, comprehensible and memorable claim and, above all, to be remembered.

Slogans/claims also describe much more than just a product. They summarise what an entire company stands for (values, attitude, philosophy). A strong, consistent brand/product presence is therefore essential. This is only possible if harmony exists between the brand and the products.

"Knowledge is power" is also true in this case, because the better a company knows its target group, the more likely it is to reach them. If people can still recall the claims of products from their childhood years later, for example, then the company has succeeded! Because children also become parents and grandparents and so a target group can grow together with the product.

The fact that packaging generally plays an essential role in purchasing is also shown by the results of the go2market packaging study 2021. Approximately 80% of the consumers surveyed stated, for example, that the packaging alone can be decisive for their purchase decision. RAWBITE is therefore justifiably thinking about what its packaging should look like in the future!

What was tested at go2market?

  • Product: RAWBITE fruit and nut bar in four flavours: cacao, cashew, coconut and protein
  • Product category: Reform OTC/dried fruit/seeds/vegetables
  • Product description using the example of cacao: dates, almonds, sultanas, cashews and cocoa. RAWBITE CACAO is your daily companion when you're craving something sweet. Made from tart cocoa, soft dates and crunchy nuts, this combination is a pure taste experience.
  • Point of sale: go2market store Cologne (four varieties with two packaging variants each)
  • Observation period of four varieties (1st packaging variant): 30.09.2021–20.11.2021
  • Answered surveys of four varieties (1st packaging variant): 1.485
  • Observation period of four varieties (2nd packaging variant): 17.02.2022–09.04.2022
  • Answered surveys of four varieties (1st packaging variant): 1.291

Rawbite im go2market

What are the most important/surprising findings from the product test?

According to Michaela Thielen, Consultant at Bonsai Research, the following conclusions can be drawn from the product test at go2market.

"The first figures already showed that RAWBITE is particularly popular as a snack on the go. The brand has a high likeability rating and customers really like the design of the packaging.

Both claims performed very well. In terms of the aspects tested (supported recall, likeability, comprehensibility, credibility and brand fit), both claims achieved high approval ratings. However, the previous claim performed significantly better in terms of supported recall, credibility and brand fit.

On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that the claim has existed for much longer and consumers have already come into contact with it (even unconsciously) outside of go2market. On the other hand, it is also due to the fact that the previous claim better conveys the functional product benefits. The bar's opaque packaging gives little indication of what it actually contains. Consumers may be better off with the previous claim because it tells them something about the contents of the packaging.

The new claim, on the other hand, does not convey this knowledge, but - and this is important for the further development of the RAWBITE brand - it adds an emotional component. Emotional charge is a proven means to anchor brands in the "relevant set" of consumers and to make them loyal customers."

What are the next steps?

RAWBITE has decided to continue using "The Organic Fruit & Nut Bite", but the side of the packaging will read "Pure Taste. Pure Joy. This combines the best of both claims (product benefit, lifestyle and pleasure).

In conclusion, how can the experience with go2market best be described?

"The cooperation with go2market and Bonsai was very professional and pleasant," says Uta Koopmann, Brand Manager at RAWBITE. "There was no ambiguity in the process at all. Everyone knew what had to be done. In addition to the results from the packaging test, we gained data directly from the purchasing process for the first time and thus learned more about our consumers. The new, detailed knowledge will help us in future communication and contribute to brand development.

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Rawbite Riegel in verschiedenen Sorten
Porträt der Rawbite Brand Managerin Uta Koopmann