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Our technology partners



EMSU is a young company and develops software solutions for intelligent product placement in stationary retail. For this purpose, EMSU connects digital signage, shelf and sensors on the EMSU online portal to enable performance marketing on the floor. EMSU enables efficient and measurable secondary placements at the stationary POS.

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Logo Hella Aglaia

Hella Aglaia

HELLA Aglaia is a specialist for innovative software solutions. The basis of the portfolio is formed by comprehensive competences in the fields of image processing, embedded software and machine learning. With more than 20 years of experience from series development, they serve the automotive industry in the areas of energy management and lighting control and also offer intelligent solutions and powerful products for people counting, smart buildings and Industry 4.0.

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Humanizing develops software for robot integrators of Public Life Robots and actively shapes the market of current and future technologies. Suitable for each customer environment, the international partners sell their software and offer consulting services for the market development of and with robots.

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Logo Oechsle


Whether shelf organisation systems, pusher systems, LED shelf lighting or poster frames - as a specialist for sales promotion, Oechsle offers you a wide range of products. Thanks to in-house mould making, injection moulding and aluminium processing, you not only receive standard products, but can also request individual problem solutions. Here, werba print und display, the strong partner at Oechsle's side, also provide support. Together, this makes an unbeatable duo in the area of display and POS solutions.

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The nose is incorruptible. Long before we see, we smell. And feelings are already awakened. Scent marketing creates emotional spaces with little effort. Use the competitive advantage, rely on Sensarama's experience. The range of scents is diverse.

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Shopreme has a proven track record of building strong, deep business relationships and projects with some of the most successful retailers in the world. With an experience advantage of up to six years, they have earned their place as the technology and quality leader in the market. When you choose shopreme, you can be one hundred percent sure of achieving a positive ROI in a short period of time. The wide range of USPs makes you exceptional and gives you a real advantage over your competitors. Shopreme delivers solutions that are actionable, functional and easily maintainable. They can serve your specific application areas, just as they have done with retailers in food, hardware, furniture, health, fashion, beauty and other segments.

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SoundDNA develops your world of sound. They accompany your company from sound branding to sales-promoting music selection and acoustic storytelling at the point of sale to measurably effective strategies for your corporate spaces.

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Umdasch is an internationally active group of companies in the woodworking and metalworking sector. The headquarters are in Amstetten in Lower Austria. With around 21 branches and 1,500 employees from 25 nations, Umdasch is a strong, globally active company and your partner for national and international retail projects.

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The Zumtobel Group is an Austrian company based in Dornbirn that specialises in lighting technology. Zumtobel is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of lighting technology and offers lighting solutions, luminaires, lighting management and lighting components for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Our trading partners

REWE Süd Start-up Lounge

Exchange on market developments and trends, innovative start-ups, requirements in food retailing - the cooperation between go2market and REWE Süd Start-up Lounge brings all this and more with it. Our common goal is to make it easier for start-ups to find their way into German retail!

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Our memberships in organisations and associations

Logo AustrianStartups


AustrianStartups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform for innovative entrepreneurship in Austria. It is an ideal place for startups, change-makers and all interested parties who want to jointly develop Austria into a hub for innovative minds. We are happy to be part of this community!

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BVE Deutschland

The Federation of German Food and Drink Industry (BVE) is the leading economic and political association of the German food industry. Since its foundation in 1949, it has successfully represented the cross-sectoral interests of food manufacturers vis-à-vis politics, administration, the media, the public and market partners. All the important sectors of the food industry - from non-alcoholic beverages to meat and confectionery to sugar - have joined together in the BVE through trade associations and companies. We are very pleased to be part of this community!

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Logo crowdfoods


crowdfoods - the food startup association for the DACHLI region - promotes startups and innovations through networking and knowledge transfer. The network connects internationally over 1,000 contacts of startups and innovators, the established food industry, trade, investors and research. We are pleased to be part of this DACHLI community as an association member and to work together on the future of food business - from field to fork, analogue and digital!

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ECR Austria

ECR stands for Efficient Consumer Response and sees itself as a neutral platform for the consumer goods sector, where members from trade to industry address sector-relevant topics and proactively develop solutions together. The overall objective is to offer consumers a better, more efficient and more sustainable range of products. We are very pleased to be part of the ECR platform and to contribute to achieving this goal together!

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Logo Foddhub NRW

Foodhub NRW

Foodhub NRW is an innovation platform that networks players in the agricultural and food industry from the field to the shelf in order to jointly develop future-oriented solutions for the industries. We are happy to be part of this community!

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GS1 Germany

In 1974, a barcode was scanned in a supermarket for the first time. This was the beginning of automated checkout. The machine-readable barcode from GS1 with the GTIN included is now the universal standard in the global exchange of goods and is scanned six billion times a day on products. It is obvious that we cooperate, because also at go2market nothing works without the combination of bars and numbers from GS1.

We are an official solution partner of GS1 Germany. Thus, we can contribute to the successful implementation of GS1 standards and make processes more efficient.

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Logo Handelsverband


The trade association - spokesperson and partner of the trade - has been active since 1921 as a free representation of interests and innovation platform in order to accompany its approximately 4,000 members in the best possible way in the environment of changing market challenges.

In addition to the members, numerous companies of various specialisations are associated with the trade association as partners, for example from the area of start-ups. We are very pleased to be one of the start-up partners of the trade association!

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Since 1903, the Markenverband, as an industry-independent association, has been working for a stable framework of values in our society on which companies and brands can rely. Founded in Berlin in 1903, Markenverband is the umbrella organisation of the German brand industry and, with its approximately 400 members, the largest association of its kind in Europe. The member companies come from a wide range of industries - from automotive, finance, food and luxury goods to telecommunications, luxury and lifestyle. The members of the support group include companies that support the work and objectives of the Markenverband and have a high affinity to the interests of its members represented by the Markenverband - including go2market, which makes us very happy!

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Our project partners

Logo GS1 Austria

GS1 Austria

Beep! The shelves would remain empty, the payment process would take five times as long and our self-scanning model would not work either if there where no GS1 barcodes and standards. So it is obvious that we, as an Austrian company, cooperate with GS1 Austria and also confidently refer our suppliers and partners who have problems with their barcodes to the barcode experts.

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