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How about a free (initial) listing?

"I am excited about this product. Where can I buy it?" This is a question we get asked very often by our members, but rarely have a concrete answer. We would like to change that by giving the top rated products a free listing in our go2market online shop, so that consumers can buy their favourites away from the go2market market research supermarket in the future.

go2market online shop

Our listing criteria

We only list products that have completed a go2market product test in advance and have been rated above average by our members. The criteria are based on our success index:

• Satisfaction
• Fulfillment of expectations
• Theoretical repurchase probability
• Packaging
• Willingness to recommend
• Willingness to buy the product online

Note: In order to offer a comprehensive assortment, other products will be temporarily available in addition to the above-average rated products during the launch phase of the online shop. For example, gift boxes.

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What you need to list your products

In order for everything to work properly for our cooperation partner myProduct in the logistics, but also in the online application, we need sufficient product data from you. This starts with GTIN/EAN and ends with good product images. For easy integration of your product data, we provide you with a direct contact to a product manager. If you can provide us with a data feed or are already a supplier of the KASTNER Gruppe, this simplifies this process considerably, as the data is already stored in the system here. In general, the better the data quality, the better you will be able to use all the possibilities of digital sales!

Don't worry if you don't have all the data together or don't know what the best way is to approach it:
Our partner will be happy to help you personally through the onboarding process and also offers many additional services.

Would you like to learn more about the go2market online shop? Feel free to send us a message.

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Your advantages as an industry partner of the go2market online shop

  • The go2market online shop is an e-commerce platform where all consumers can shop (nationwide in Germany and Austria and without restriction).
  • 100 % REAL-LIFE: we offer you and your customers a real purchase situation in a real online shop at real prices
  • Guaranteed listing of all test products that have received above-average ratings in the go2market store and/or in go2market digital (according to the success index) - if YOU want it
  • No rigid approach, but the greatest individuality with regard to your product presentation
  • Insights from the go2market test are included in the real online shop
  • Positive image transfer to your tested products because only top performers are available in the shop. Quality takes priority over quantity in the offer.
  • In the online shop, there are not only new products. New products have to prevail against established products - just like in real e-commerce/quick commerce.
  • Possible free (initial) listing ... and further arguments for listing negotiations
  • Possible new target/buyer groups
  • Multiplier effect (new/extended distribution channel, more visibility/reach)
  • Option for up to 20 additional online shop listings (e.g. Shöpping, Amazon)

Further opportunities and insights:

  • Marketing measures in the online shop
  • Sales figures; also over time (e.g. after price changes or marketing/advertising measures)
  • Comparison of real sales figures with results of go2market market research or other listings
  • The listed product may differ from the once tested product in the go2market (e.g. price, packaging).


  • Dispatchable articles
  • Subject to legal and logistical restrictions
  • Above-average success index in the go2market test (store and/or digital)

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