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REAL-LIFE market research now also in the field of e-commerce!

One concept, two worlds

See your products through the eyes of the consumer - not only in the stationary go2market store, but soon also in the go2market online shop!

We are bringing our go2market to the world of e-commerce! However, the basic idea of go2market does not change with our online shop. go2market digital is not a conventional online supermarket, but a unique REAL-LIFE market research tool for the consumer goods industry, where you receive insights into your product, your product innovations and product variants or your competition!

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Frau sieht sich Produkte im Online-Shop an

Frau kauft im Online-Shop ein

Why a go2market online shop? 

It is definitely no longer just a question of whether shoppers shop online, but increasingly how they do so - how often they shop, how much they spend, how they use online shopping habits to complement their in-store purchases, etc. Regardless of the channel, it's all about targeting shoppers in the best possible way!

Online presence is completely different from the traditional stationary shelf. Our new online portal go2market digital enables better shopper targeting, personalised offers and dynamic design of prices, product photos and product texts to better exploit your sales opportunities in e-commerce in the future.

Conduct your individual product test at go2market digital and benefit from our innovative insights to understand how the e-commerce trend affects your products. Find out with us which categories and channels are most suitable for your products and how they perform with consumers. Optionally, compare the online and offline results and how pricing, product photos and product texts affect buying processes and target groups.

Differences go2market stationary and go2market digital

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Gegenüberstellung go2market stationär und go2market digital

go2market digital will be available from autumn 2022, the new location in the Netherlands from Q1 2023.