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Several concrete examples from our research practice: Do you recognise yourself?

Product development

I am planning a new product. I am interested in what the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors look like from the consumer's point of view, so that I can draw conclusions. Where and how can I test something like this??

Expansion ins Ausland

International expansion

I am already very successful with my product with 10 varieties in one country. Now I want to list these products in another country. Before I do that, I want to find out how potential consumers abroad react to my product. How do I get access to local consumers?


There are competitors in my product category. How does my product compare to the competition?

Drei Produktnamen im Vergleich

Product name

I am looking for the best possible product name and have come up with three names internally. How do I choose the most suitable one for my target group?

Produktgruppen unter die Lupe genommen

Product group

I would like to know everything about my products and about the habits and purchase intention in the associated product group. Where do I get the information from?

Target group

I am launching an additional "zero variant" of my product on the market. How can I find out whether I can reach new target groups?



I would like to launch my product on the market. What is the maximum price that consumers are buying the product?

Sampling an die Bevölkerung


The awareness of my brand or my product should be increased as quickly as possible. Which channel is best for this?

Product development

A relaunch is coming up. I have developed various packaging designs for it. How do I find out which variant performs best?

We offer you the right solution for these and many other challenges! Insights into your product, your product variants or your competition - with go2market you have found the right partner!

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Frau im Einkaufswagen

Shopper beim Einkauf

What is go2market?

The go2market supermarket - currently active in Austria and Germany, from Q1 2023 also in the Netherlands - is not a conventional supermarket, but a unique REAL-LIFE market research tool for the FMCG industry. Our go2market is a stationary store and will also be available as an online shop from the end of 2022. We work with real consumers in real shopping and real consumption situations. We test products along their entire life cycle - from young start-ups to established brands, from product innovations to those that are already available in stores.

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Frau kauft im go2market Geschäft ein

Stationary go2market store

Test your products in our stores in Vienna, Cologne and from Q1 2023 also in The Hague!

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Frau kauft im go2market Online-Shop ein

go2market digital (online shop)

Test your products from the end of 2022 in our nationwide online shops! 

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Up to 3,000 consumers from Germany and up to 1,500 consumers from Austria evaluate their purchased products according to the following criteria, among others: Satisfaction, theoretical repurchase and packaging. The best performers in these categories and the resulting category overall winner are assessed every month. Congratulations to all winners!

go2market Gewinner-Produkte Deutschland

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