Frequently Asked Questions

If I register, do I already have an active membership? 

No, free registration does not mean a valid membership. Your free registration will put you on our waiting list. As soon as a place becomes free, you'll be in! 

How do you choose the members?

Using socio-demographic characteristics. Our active members correspond to the cross-section of Germany and Austria. 

I've heard that there are already almost 9,000 people on the waiting list, so does registrating still make sense? 

Regardless when you register for the first time, thanks to the selection based on socio-demographic criteria, all registrations have the same chances of a membership. 

How do I find out about a possible membership?

We will inform you by email. Free memberships are also visible in your personal go2market portal.

When can I come to the supermarket after purchasing a membership?

Grundsätzlich 14 Tage nach dem effektiven Kaufdatum der Mitgliedschaft. Das genaue Startdatum findest du auf deiner Rechnung, die wir dir nach der Zahlung zusenden. 

Do active memberships automatically renew?

No, our memberships do not have to be canceled and will expire automatically. You can get a membership for 3, 6 or 12 months!

Can I extend my active membership?

No, an extension is not possible. After that, of course, you have the same chances as everyone else to acquire a new membership.

What happens to my account when the membership expires?

You slip back onto the waiting list. We will inform you as soon as possible when memberships are available again. 

As a member, am I obliged to take part in surveys? 

No, of course everything happens voluntarily. But you should know that your opinion is important and that this is the core of our business model!
By taking part in surveys, you can also increase your monthly shopping credit and use your personal opinion to help shape the great products of tomorrow. 

If I receive a link to my surveys, the link only takes me to the website, what should I do? 

Please log in with your personal data, under "my account" you can then take part in your surveys.
Each product is asked only once - despite a possible repurchase. 

What happens to my personal data?

Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties. The data processing is carried out anonymously and at the target group level. Of course you will not receive any advertising from us! 

In what time period can the purchase with a value of € 55, - be purchased? 

On the opening days from the first of the month to the end of the month. 

If my membership expires the following month, but I would receive bonus credit by taking part in surveys, can I still redeem the credit?

Unfortunately this is technically and organizationally not possible. We are happy, however, if your participation in our surveys does not only have a financial background. 

My membership is expiring, but I haven't used up my shopping credit, what now?

Unfortunately, after membership has expired, the purchase credit cannot be transferred to the following month. 

Can members be accompanied when shopping?

Yes, friends and family are of course welcome to accompany the members when shopping.
If it is a first visit for a non-member, please contact us in the market. 

How often are members allowed come? 

There is no limit to the number of visits. During the opening times, members can come as often as they like in order to use their personal shopping credit each month. 

Can an article be taken several times? 

No, each article may only be taken once to the specified delivery quantity. In the following month, the article, if it is still listed, can be selected again.
however, you will no longer receive a survey. 

When do members get surveys about the products?

That varies and depends on the product group, approximately 2-5 days after purchasing. 

Wie funktiHow does the bonus credit work?

You will receive bonus credit for each complete product review. You will receive your bonus balance in the following month. It will then appear on your customer account. The material value is not paid out in cash!
The increase in your credit depends on the size of the survey and is currently € 0.25 and € 3 per survey 

What happens if I still have shopping credit at the end of the month? 

Purchase credit can not be carried over to the following month. 

When will the range change? 

There are new products to discover every month! Existing articles stay there until they are gone. Subsequent deliveries and deliveries within one month are possible.