10 Reasons to Become an Industry Partner

      1. We Test Branded Articles

      • Pre-Listing
        which are not yet available on the market
        or are already successful abroad


        accompany launch phase and test products
        which are already listed in the trade

      2. Our Members

      Englisch (UK) The structure of our members (consumers) in each country corresponds
      to thethe socio-demographics of the population aged 18 and over.
      They are registered with all relevant parametersand analysed according to
      socio- and psychographic characteristics in the course of their shopping. 

      3. Data Privacy

      We are aware of the responsibility in handling data of our members and industry partners. 

      4. Cost-effective

      Automated processes and innovative methods make it possible to implement a product test quickly, individually and cost-effectively.

      5. SaaS - Software as a Service

      Innovative target group analyses and individual insights can be viewed online in real time by the respective manufacturer!


      6. Quick Results

      Due to the comprehensive panel, results with low fluctuation
      margins can be presented within a few weeks. 
      binnen weniger Wochen dargestellt werden. 


      7. Individuality

      Price sensitivity
      Variety check

      8. Real-Life in-home Test

      As with conventional shopping, real consumers choose products from the extensive assortment of the stationary test supermarket.
      Of the stationary test supermarket that appeal to them as buyers.
      The purchased products are then used in a familiar environment at familiar times or occasions.

      9. The Best of 2 Worlds

      Stationary supermarket meets state-of-the-art technology

      10. Innovations

      Digital price labelling (ESL)
      State-of-the-art camera technology
      Innovative go2market app
      individual product tests
      innovative target group analyses