10 Reasons to Become a Member

1. Brand Items

With us you get top brand products on the market. No sample products or rejects.

2. New Products

Bei uns bekommst du auch (aber nicht ausschließlich) Markenartikel, die noch gar nicht im Lebensmittelhandel erhältlich sind.

3. Limited Memberships

Our members represent the socio-demographic cross-section of the respective population. 
Therefore the number of members is exclusive and limited.


4. Complete Transparency

Our 3 possible memberships offer you access to our market and are not automatically extended. 


5. No Advertisement

You will not receive any third-party advertising or other spam emails. 

6. Invitations

You will receive invitations to take part in product tests. Your participation is always voluntary and free of charge.

7. Your Opinion Matters

With your feedback, products can be better adapted to the needs of consumers in the future.  

8. Reward

Your participation in surveys will be rewarded as a thank you with additional shopping credit. 

9. Data Protection

All data will be treated confidentially.

10. Anonymity

We guarantee complete anonymity